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Peak Sunrise Brings First-Ever Peak Sunrise Morning Party to Chicago

Peak Sunrise Brings First-Ever Peak Sunrise Morning Party to Chicago


Wake up with soul at the first-ever Peak Sunrise wise conscious morning party in Chicago. Join local Chicago creators for an intimate wellness party that combines yoga, meditation, music, and dance with an organic and farm-fresh breakfast on October 10 at Spring Yoga and Fitness in Chicago!

WHERE? Spring Yoga & Fitness 3940 North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, IL 60613

WHEN? Saturday, October 10, 6am-11am *Multiple arrival times: 6am, 7am, 8am, or 9am

  • 6AM: SUNRISE YOGA - Sunrise yoga with Zachary Zube, yoga teacher at Zach Does Yoga & creator of Element Ayurvedic Apothecary
  • 7AM: GUIDED MEDITATION - Guided meditation and sound healing by Monica Yearwood, ayurvedic practitioner and owner of Hamsa Ayurveda Center in Chicago
  • 8AM: LIVE MUSIC - Conscious hip-hop performance by Paul Freedom, Creator & Host of Peak Sunrise
  • 9AM: DANCE PARTY - Dance party with uplifting conscious DJ Taz Rashid, creator of Club Divine
  • 10AM: CONNECTION HOUR - Attend a private social hour where you can connect with attendees and Peak Sunrise teachers, enjoy premium breakfast foods and drinks, and learn about the Chicago Market food co-op and other local conscious projects and businesses. Every guest will leave with a gift bag filled with treats and special offers from local creators.



Need a break from the party? In the connection room, you can mingle with our wise conscious community, tap into your imagination with journaling and art experiences by Rooted Center, and enjoy premium food and drink including local farm-to-table breakfast foods by River Valley Farmer's Table, cashew yogurt and organic fruit by Kitchfix, and 100% organic & non-GMO iced teas by Life Basics Organics.


Browse our popup shop for a specially curated selection of conscious products and artwork including healing oils and teas by Hamsa Ayurveda Center and conscious art by Paul Freedom.


Buy your ticket now and get a chance to win conscious product giveaways leading up to the party. We are curating products from local conscious creators for our giveaways including body oils and herbal powders by Hamsa Ayurveda Center and a Free Case of 100% non-GMO & organic Life Basics premium iced teas.


1. What if I don't practice yoga? 

The 6am yoga session is led by Zachary Zube, one of Chicago's top independent yoga teachers. This sunrise experience is designed for everyone; from total beginners to yoga experts. If you are curious about yoga, join us! If you'd rather not this time, you can buy a ticket to start your day at 7am with meditation or 8am with the music & dance party.

2. Do I need to know how to meditate to join? 

The 7am guided meditation is led by Monica Yearwood who is known as one of the best guided experience creators in Chicago. She incorporates breathing practices and sound healing into a meditation practice designed for everyone; no experience necessary! If you're not up for it this time, go ahead and buy a ticket just for the music & dance party.

3. Do I need to know how to dance to party? 

We are committed to creating a judgment-free space - special thanks to Rooted for the encouragement - where people can be free to dance. In other words, you don't need to be "cool" or a "good dancer" to move your body when you feel the music. It's up to all of us to make this one of the best parties of the year!


Hatha Yoga - Morning Yoga Flow with Zachary Zube (30 minutes)

Hatha Yoga - Morning Yoga Flow with Zachary Zube (30 minutes)